Rocky Mountain Recovery: Where Unity Embraces Healing, Hope and Community

Rocky Mountain Recovery is a community. It encompasses the unity of Albertans committed to overcoming addiction, fostering healing, and supporting one another’s recovery journey. It creates safe spaces for sharing experiences, offering guidance and support while cultivating personal growth. It embraces acceptance, empathy, and accountability, promoting a culture of resilience, connection, and an understanding of the lifelong path of recovery.


We are renewing and building on relationships, offering the support shared throughout our community for many years, and bringing us together, enhancing our existing relationships while allowing for new ones to develop.  We seek to continue to build on our community partnerships and, more importantly, our shared connection to recovery. 


Check-in regularly for upcoming events, and feel free to email recovery happenings to us to post on this page. We will continue to grow these events and have our community come together and change the narrative of recovery and contribute, partake, and build a stronger community together.  


The purpose of this group is to connect, share and engage in building community, celebrating recovery and sharing our combined hope throughout Alberta. Rocky Mountain Recovery is where everyone is welcome, a place we hope you begin to call home…  



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